You'd be hard pressed to find a more experienced molder of thermoset composite plastics.

Hadlock may be the largest and best custom molder of fiberglass reinforced thermoset composite plastics you’ve never heard of. Like so many American success stories, Hadlock was born in an entrepreneur’s garage in Harpersfield, Ohio back in 1968. Over the years, our reputation for quality, our unique mix of services, and our commitment to customer service have led to steady growth, innovative molding processes and an unmatched level of expertise.

We specialize in the following key production processes:

Today, we serve Fortune 500 companies and other manufacturers with over 130 dedicated employees, 122,000 square feet of facility space, ISO 9001:2008 certification, and multiple manufacturing processes. We offer the equipment, services, expertise, and manufacturing capacity you need to keep your operations efficient, responsive, and running seamlessly – from prototyping through production and delivery.

Hadlock Plastics