If the process needs it we can make it.

Tooling and Prototypes
Tooling and Prototypes

Every job requires some level of custom tools and fixtures. We will work with your engineering and product development team to determine the best material and molding process for your project.

In-House Tooling and Fixtures

Our in-house tooling and fixtures capabilities ensure the highest production standards. This is not only cost-effective, but also offers greater quality control. Between the design phase and product manufacturing, our In House Tooling Department will provide you with prototypes, primary molds and any secondary fixtures required. For any model, fixture, or production mold that we are not capable of producing in house, such as the matched steel dies used for compression molding, we enlist the aid of certified tool and die makers. The Tooling Department works hand - in - hand with both our engineering and quality teams to ensure the product meets your requirements.


Do you have a project that requires a prototype or need to perform new product research and testing? Let us manufacture a full scale functional prototype for you. Hadlock has a long history of helping our clients create fully functional prototypes. In addition to meeting the research and testing needs, our prototyping process also provides an opportunity for our engineers to help you realize additional efficiencies in the final tooling, manufacturing, assembly and shipping processes, and to specify the entire manufacturing process from prototyping through final production.