Why Hadlock? We mold confidence into every part.

Our uncompromising, unflinching, unyielding and unrelenting commitment to quality and service, molds confidence into our products. Both yours and ours. At Hadlock Plastics, we produce world class, quality parts at globally competitive prices. Your project doesn't have to be a new design. We will happily supply you with a cost competitve quote allowing you to compare your current process or molder to the services offered here.

At every stage of the process – from prototype to product delivery – we are prepared to work closely with you to ensure quality, achieve efficiencies, and formulate production strategies that place our best product where you want it, when you need it, and with plans in place to address any contingencies or opportunities that might arise. From material and process selection to subassembly, custom shipping containers, and just-in-time delivery, we continuously search for ways to improve quality, price, processes and performance in order to exceed expectations.